Christmas Message from the Archbishop

During the Christmas season,  let us cast our eyes upon Christ our light – the God of glory and light, the God who constantly lightens our way. As we celebrate the great light of Christ among us, let us also give thanks for the other lights that have touched, lit up, and enlightened our own lives. We are blessed to be illumined by the light of other people: those who give us joy, challenge us, and sometimes call us to conversion.  Each person who has touched our heart is a point of light for which we are grateful.

Among all the lights, the great light we commemorate at Christmas is, of course, the light that shone in the stable in Bethlehem, the light that comes from the birth of the Son of God in the flesh. That light is a light that can never be extinguished. Indeed, it has never been put out. The light of Christ remains the light of the world. It is because of his light that all the other smaller lights can glow and give us hope.

With my blessing and prayers for a Blessed Christmas.

+Archbishop Miller