Hall Rental

The Hall is located at 650 Richards Street. All arrangements regarding it are made at the Cathedral Office, 646 Richards.

1. The hall is rented on an “as is basis”. The Cathedral assumes no responsibility for any equipment brought into the premises by the renter or guests. The Cathedral is not liable for any injuries to persons and / or property. The renter assumes responsibility for the behavior of all guests (whether invited or not) during the rental of the premises. The renter must adhere to all City of Vancouver, Fire Safety regulations and by-laws, including non-smoking and anti-noise by-laws.

2. Any regular Cathedral parish group wishing to use the hall on an occasional or on an ongoing basis, should book as early as possible.

a. Regular Cathedral groups can pay a reduced rent, but must book the hall and might be asked to give up their time for an exceptional use.

b. The approval of a reduced rent is given by the Rector or Vice-Rector.

i. Cathedral parishioners may rent the hall with a reduced fee under the following conditions:

1. The parishioner has been registered in the Cathedral for two years and uses envelopes.

2. The event is a private function. No commercial or political use is permitted.

3. Groups and individuals from outside the parish (and groups of parishioners not organized by the parish and not under the direction of the Rector) may rent the hall subject to availability and the discretion of the Rector or Vice-Rector.

4. Any renters whether internal or from outside the Cathedral must be approved by the Rector or Vice-Rector.

a. Renters from outside the Cathedral must abide by rules 2, b, i, 2 & 3.

5. No political or commercial use is permitted for anyone renting or using the hall.

6. If liquor is served, the renter must obtain a permit and comply with all the issuing conditions and regulations.

7. Renters are asked to provide a certificate of insurance according to the conditions listed on the separate page of these guidelines.

8. No decorations or application of materials, which will mar, deface, or damage the surfaces of the walls, ceilings, or floor are permitted.

9. Any renter agree to lock the hall when used after hours.

a. Renters assume responsibility of ensuring the hall is empty.

b. Renters may have to pay to have a Cathedral laison to ensure that the hall is secure.

c. Renters assume responsibility for any damage or theft to the hall caused by negligence on the renter’s part.

10. Additional regulations and costs may apply for commercial rental.

11. Those wishing to book the Hall obtain a ‘Hall Use Request Form’ and return it to the Office at 646 Richards Street.

12. A tentative booking is made as soon as it possible, but no later than seven days before.

13. The renter must then provide the Deposit within seven days. Credit card has to be provided for the deposit or the rent results in the cancellation of the booking. The renter pays the regular rental fee at least seven days before the event.

14. If the deposit or the rental fees are not paid at the prescribed times the request for use is considered withdrawn and the hall will be open to other requests for use. Notice of cancellation must be made in writing thirty (30) days before the scheduled event. Failure to do so may result in the forfeiture of the deposit.

15. Following the event the deposit will be returned (less any applicable costs: extra clean up, garbage pickup, damage to the property or equipment, etc.).

16. If these guidelines are not followed, the Cathedral reserves the right to terminate the booking at any time, retaining the deposit as appropriate. The Cathedral is not responsible if, due to circumstances beyond our control, the hall is not available for use on the day arranged (e.g., fire, power outage, etc.). A full refund will normally be given in such circumstances.

17. Renters are expected to leave the hall as clean as they find it. Additional janitorial costs will be deducted from the deposit. Garbage is to be removed from the premises by the renters. All items brought into the building must be removed by the end of the rental period. A fee will be charged against the deposit for garbage left in the building, in our dumpster, or in the alley.

18. For some renters, a liaison from the Cathedral must be paid by the renter to ensure security and cleanliness.

Any exceptions to these guidelines must be approved by the Rector or Vice-Rector.

For more information and to book the Rosary Hall please contact the office at 604 682 6774 ext. 0