Archbishop Duke laying the cornerstone of Holy Rosary Rectory.

First Church

Picture of the first Church built in 1884.

New Church

Picture of the current church shortly after completion in 1900.


The new church took 490 days to complete. Holy Rosary Church opened for ceremonies On Dec. 8, 1900.

The Enlargment

The church was enlarged after the original church became small for the community. At the same time, a  bell tower was built.

The new Church

Picture taken shortly after completion.
The new church opened for services on December 8th, 1900.

Painting in 2011

The Cathedral was closed down for a couple months.
It was repainted.

New Crucifix

On September 14th 2016, a new crucifix was raised in the cathedral, commissioned by Archbishop M Miller.


Archbishop William M. Duke dedicated Holy Rosary Cathedral on October 3, 1953.


Undated picture of the Cathedral, probably from the 1940’s.


Following the ceremony of dedication of Holy Rosary.


Ceremony at the Cathedral in 1958.