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G I V I N G   I N   G R A T I T U D E

Giving should be planned, proportionate and sacrificial. Your giving should be accompanied by prayer. It is giving which must flow from a deep sense of gratitude for the Lord’s generosity in our lives. Cheques can be made out to: HOLY ROSARY CATHEDRAL. Mail to 646 Richards Street, Vancouver BC V6B3A3. Or you can simply give here via paypal.

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We appreciate any type of donation.

Project Advance

To help those who are most vulnerable, the Archdiocese has established a Crisis Response Fund to meet our community’s needs. This year, the Archiodiocese hopes to raise $1.625 million through Project Advance, which would provide $825,000 for the Crisis Response Fund and $800,000 for  ongoing ministries of outreach and evangelization.

Your donation to Project Advance, united with thousands of Project Advance supporters across the Archdiocese, will help those who are most vulnerable and impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Your contribution will be put through here on the website of the Archdiocese of Vancouver.

Sunday Offering

Your Sunday Contributions on a regular basis can be made by direct debit, visa or mastercard or by using envelopes. Cheques may be made to Holy Rosary Cathedral.

Friends of the Cathedral

The Cathedral is greatly indebted to her special benefactors and visitors since it does not have the predictable income of a regular parish. Friends of the Cathedral support the Cathedral and her Mission, especially to maintain the special demands of a heritage building and continue its historic organ-music program.

Building Restoration

Those wishing to make monthly or one-time cash offerings to be used either for the ongoing operational expenses or for a specific need for our heritage building, may also do so by sending your cheque to the Parish Office. Please include your full name, address and postal code for a tax receipt.


Remembering Holy Rosary Cathedral in your will, special bequests and other forms of planned giving are also much appreciated and welcome. Benefactors of the Cathedral, living and de¬ceased, are remembered regularly in prayer.

Donate Now


We appreciate any any type of donation.