To Register in the Cathedral

If you recently moved to downtown Vancouver or regularly attend the Cathedral please register at the office. By registering in the Cathedral, you are declaring your desire to be part of the Cathedral parish family.

Reasons to Register:

1. Registration enables the Rector, priests and staff to get to know you better, and helps them be able to communicate with you by sending you mailings. Once you are registered, please notify the parish office of any changes in address or phone number.
2. You will also receive a packet of envelopes to place your regular contributions. This is important if you want to receive a year-end statement from the parish for income tax purposes. If you do not wish to receive weekly contribution envelopes, this should not be a reason not to register. Just let the secretary know, and envelopes will not be ordered.
3. Members can expect pastoral care from their parish, including marriages, baptisms, anointing of the sick, and funerals.

Register Form

Please download the attached form to register at the Cathedral.
You can send the form to the cathedral office.