Cemetery Opens Infant Garden for Grieving Parents

No-cost burials to continue at new, expanded Jesus and the Children’s Memorial Garden in Surrey. For the past 50 years, Rachel’s Garden has been the burial place for God’s children at the Gardens of Gethsemani Cemetery in Surrey. At no cost to grieving parents, the cemetery has provided burial service and a place to remember infants who have died in stillbirth, miscarriage, abortion or accident.

Now Rachel’s Garden is nearing capacity and the cemetery is set to unveil its new Jesus and the Children’s Memorial Garden. Much larger than Rachel’s Garden, it will include a plaza built around an original statue of Jesus and the Children.
Catholic Cemeteries Outreach and Community Coordinator Terry Whiteley said, “to lose a child is literally to lose a part of oneself, and parents often experience their loss and pain for years afterward. When parents suffer the loss of a little one, this is a way for us as a Catholic community to empathize and comfort them. We want to provide them a special place amid beautiful gardens where their child can be named, buried and remembered.”

Because the burials are provided at no cost to parents, the cemetery has devoted new burial space but will need to raise $225,000 to complete and beautify the garden and plaza area, said Director Peter Nobes. “We appreciate the support that our community has devoted over the years to this ministry which allows us to provide closure and healing for our families.”

A memorial Mass for the unborn will be held at the cemetery this Sunday, April 26, at 2:30 p.m., followed by a procession to Rachel’s Garden and the new children’s memorial garden. All are welcome.

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