Vespers at the Cathedral

The Divine Office is the official prayer of the Church. In this prayer, hymns, antiphons, psalms, etc. are prayed, but most of them are taken from the Scriptures. In this prayer, whether we chant or pray quietly we are invited to meditate on them, and address them to God, using the same words with which to has spoken to us. And we hope, by repeating them, that He will recognize them and listen to us. At the same time we listen to Him and we come closer to the Mystery of God.

“To God we speak when we pray, to God we listen when we read His words.
we listen when we read his words”.

– Saint Ambrose.

To follow along when we have Vespers at the Cathedral please click in the following dates to get the booklet we use at the Cathedral:

April 17, Easter Sunday

April 24, II Sunday in Easter

May 1, III Sunday in Easter

May 8, IV Sunday in Easter

May 15, V Sunday in Easter

May 22, VI Sunday in Easter

May 29, The Ascension of the Lord

June 5, Pentecost Sunday

June 12, The Most Holy Trinity

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