Message from Fr. Galvon

Dear Cathedral parishioners and friends,

As the Easter season unfolds, it is good to keep our focus on the risen Lord Jesus.   Good communication within our faith community helps to keep our focus on Jesus, who is the Head of our faith community. All of us form His body.  We have equal dignity and different functions that complement each other.

With this message I ask you to continue to support our communication efforts with your prayers and financial help if possible.

A good working definition of communication is that it is “making common the knowledge of the good we have and the good which needs to be done.”    The good we have includes the gift of faith in Jesus that we have as individuals and as a community.  This gift of faith is the gift that we wish to share respectfully with others.

Faith in Jesus brings us truth and hope. Those two things are so needed in the lives of individuals these days as we face the third wave of the pandemic.  With churches closed for public worship and other areas of society facing difficult restrictions, it is easy for us to lose heart.  We wonder where all this going and where is God in all of this.

At the Cathedral, we have attempted since March 2020 to offer many live-stream Masses each day.  We also offer many hours of confessions each week in specially refurbished confessionals that bring bountiful ventilation and safe conditions to both the penitent and priest.  Also, Holy Communion is made available several times during the week.

With these live-stream Masses, Holy Communion, and confession opportunities, we, at the Cathedral hope to enhance good communications among our faith community. Sharing God’s Word, His Body and His mercy help to bring fresh heart of people.

God’s graces are seen in fascinating ways as we work at these focuses.  People have come to confession after 30 years being away from the sacrament.  We receive emails and letters from people around North America and even in Europe.  People in Texas during the recent cold spell crisis have thanked us for our live -streaming Masses.  Several people in England expressed their gratitude to us for a live streaming funeral prayer service for a loved one.

Thank you for how you have helped the faith community at Holy Rosary Cathedral to do good for the Lord.  May God continue to bless us as we move ahead in the Easter season, praying and working together to do the good which needs to be done.

Fr. Galvon

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