Cathedral Picnic goes from rain to sunshine


For a while there were murmurs of doubt but all it took was a clear sign from Pastor Stanley Galvon who said let’s do it. So off we went with a truck load of burgers, buns and all the equipment needed for a picnic. In the seven consecutive years we’ve had a parish picnic, this is the first time we’ve had a wet start to the day. Extra tents and tarps were rigged by the Knights of Columbus to keep the food and our faithful volunteers dry as they prepped the food. Just before noon, the official start time of the picnic, rain clouds blew away and the sun decided to join us! What a glorious day it turned out to be. The Knights flipped 350 burgers, the desserts were tasty and abundant and children and grown-ups had a great time dancing, doing the limbo and other fun activities organized by our ministry members.