Pro-Life Sunday Message from Archbishop Miller


Pro-life Sunday is June 21. A special collection will be taken to help pro-life organizations. Archbishop Miller has issued a special pro-life message.  Please note changes to the collection this year: All cheques can be made out to the parish and will receive tax receipts. All funds will now be directed to the Life, Marriage and Family office for distribution to the various local pro-life groups, crisis pregnancy centers, Birthright, and others in the form of grant requests. Thank you for your generosity.

Archbishop Miller’s Message:
June 9, 2015

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

Pro-life Sunday gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our support for those who work in promoting respect for life.  On Father’s Day, June 21, there will be a second collection with the proceeds going to support the work of local pro-life organizations in your area as well as across the Lower Mainland.

Tragically, we are living in a culture which discards life at its most vulnerable times.  Access to abortion is a norm in our health care system.  Whether for reasons of gender or convenience, unborn babies are at risk and we need to open our hearts and support the organizations that help women who are in crisis.

Recently the Supreme Court struck down the law prohibiting assisted suicide, putting at risk our elderly, who are nearing the end of their life journey, and the disabled, who are struggling to survive.  At a time when they need our help, our care and our love, pressure is mounting to put them in danger of having their lives ended.

We need to do all we can to support efforts to respond to this decision and make our voices heard.  Let’s work together to ensure that palliative care is readily available so that all families can feel safe and supported in times of trial.

I want to express my gratitude for the tireless and difficult work done by those who defend the precious gift of human life from conception to natural death.  Organizations such as United for Life, crisis pregnancy centres, Birthright, the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition and local educational groups work on the frontlines to uphold reverence for life.  Please be generous in ensuring that their initiatives will flourish.

With my blessing and assurance of my prayers for you and your families, I remain

Sincerely yours in Christ,

J. Michael Miller, CSB
Archbishop of Vancouver