IMPACT 2015 at Holy Rosary Cathedral



The Impact Missionaries of Catholic Christian Outreach are creating a stir in parishes all over Vancouver. Forty young adults working as missionaries have clustered themselves into groups of four or five to impact the Archdiocese and the city of Vancouver. They will be here to live in community, grow in their faith, and embrace and invite you into the theme; “To the city and the world: we bring a great light”A team of 4-5 IMPACTers  are serving 10 parishes in the city, running faith studies and outreach events.

At Holy Rosary Cathedral, over 50 parishioners and regular visitors signed up, most of whom are in the 30s. There has been an excellent turnout from the Spanish community who usually attend the parish’s Sunday 6:30pm Mass. The young people leading the group have been fired up with enthusiasm. Jarren Bato, leader of the Cathedral group said the response has been amazing. “We may have to form more small groups. We’ve got enough people for the program in July already.”

To support their work here,  the Impact  leaders are looking for summer jobs in the daytime so that they  can support themselves while carrying out their missions work in the evening. If you are able to support the group with summer jobs, please contact

CCO faith studies are also being hosted in St Andrew’s, St John the Apostle, Sts Peter and Paul, St Anthony of Padua, St Francis of Assisi, Holy Name of Jesus, St Patrick’s, St Mary’s, and St Jude’s. The Courageous Catholic program is taking place Tuesday nights for 10 weeks  at St Helen’s parish in Burnaby at 7:30 pm.  Cornerstone is a weekly young adult event on Thursday evenings, starting May 14 at St Mary’s school gym, 7:30 pm.